We made Doggo Pins and Patches!

Oh Doggo
4 min readDec 5, 2020

You may have noticed in the last month that we’ve introduced some wearable products to the Oh Doggo brand. When the super talented Sophie Potter designed our logo and made us some illustrations to market our little business in 2019, we always knew they would be destined to be something more, we just couldn’t put our finger on what. Fast forward to 2020, (the year when, lets face it, everyone had a lot of time on their hands!) and with the first chance we’d had since we started the Oh Doggo journey, we were able to think about how to use these wonderful illustrations to their full potential.

Our wonderful illustrations by Sophie Potter.

We wanted to make something that Dogs and humans could use and owners or pups could share. Patches and pins seemed like the perfect option. Dog lovers could appreciate them, owners could jazz up their pups stuff and people could customise their own clothes with their fave pooch. AMAZING! When we sent our designs to the very talented Made by Cooper we couldn’t have imagined how incredible they could’ve turned out. We love them SO much!

Sweet doggo patches!

Over the past few weeks, as lovely humans have started buying our patches and pins, we’ve begun to hear how these little beauts are being used out in the wild. It’s been bloody lush to see and hear about all of the inventive ways people are using them. So lush, that it gave me an idea. What if we shared all the wonderful ways you can wear them, and all the ways you can jazz up your pooches bits and bobs? and what if we shared not just the ways we’d use them, but the ways our customers have as well? Pretty good idea huh?!

‘So pleased with the patch, think it’ll look super cute on Wallys pjs’

Does your pupper have pajamas?! Of course they do! One of our customers bought a greyhound patch to jazz up her beloved greyhound’s PJ’s and I Love how adorable he looks!

Sweet Wally showing off his customised PJ's.

‘We are going to be putting ours on Bernie’s towel!’

I love this idea! A patch instead of a name tag on a doggos belongings is a great way to show who they belong to. think patches on towels, blankies, or the inside of coats, and if you have more than one dog you can use them to separate your pups belongings.

And while we’re on the subject of using patches and pins on puppers belongings, why not jazz up your doggos outdoor garms with a patch or a pin? King Davey the iggy looks hecking fabulous sporting his pin on his Red Hound jumper!

Hecking fabulous fren!

‘I’ve been collecting various patches to eventually put on a denim Jacket, so this will take pride of place’

These patches aren’t just for doggos ya know! we’ve had so many customers get in touch to let us know that they have been ironing these patches on jackets, bags, and most recently, I found an old jumper that I customised with a sweet Jemima patch!

A boring grey jumper, jazzed up in under 5 minutes!

‘I’m so in love with this little pin, so cute!’

pins are great for customising bags, t-shirts, jackets and jumpers! You can pop them on and off as you please, and change them up dependent on your mood. I’ve got a Davey pin pride of place on my favourite rucksack, but Tom changes his up, and wears his on different jackets and T-shirts.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for how to wear and use our lovely patches and pins! Do you have anymore ideas? Make sure you share them with us and we’ll update this post, we love hearing about all the creative ways people are using them! If you haven’t yet visited our Etsy store, but fancy a look you can check it out here.

Happy customising gang!